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Wait who is Studs Terkel? What is “working”?

In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, radio journalist and personality Studs Terkel interviewed people around the country about their jobs. 


This oral history project became the book “Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day And What They Think About It.“  You can read some of those interviews here. “Working 2050” is inspired by Studs Terkel -- a collection of conversations with workers of the future. 


Is this world a utopia or a dystopia?

It depends. Do you believe in utopia?  Do you believe in dystopia? A world where that isn’t completely devoid of humans in 2050 is optimistic in some ways. Otherwise, we assume the world in 2050 is a lot like today: it depends on who you ask. 

Check out “To Consider/Other Reading” for other ways to think about this.


Can I listen to these? 



Can I do this in real life? 

Yes! This is based on a writing workshop. We are also looking for writers, readers/actors, and interviewees. More soon. 


To Consider/Other Reading:

Secession. Unions. Afrofuturism. Borders. Bots. Pandemics. Loneliness. Reparations. AI. Blockchain. “Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could harm you?” Ujamaa. Infrastructure. God is Change. Generations. The Weather . Snowpiercer. The 1929 War of the Worlds Broadcast. EdTech. Colonialism. Patreon. CRISPR. Eldercare. Emotion Analytics. Cooperatives. The Moon. Prisons. Fatphobia. Bellwether. Hopepunk.  Zapatistas. SEO. Games as Work. Hormones. Billionaire Bomb Shelters. LA Earthquake. BreadTube. Bolivia. The Green New Deal. “The Great Dithering”. ASMR. Internet Shutdowns. African Socialism. Recomposition. LARPing. Friends. “The Biological Revolution.” Tenant Unions. Generational Trauma. Pleasure Activism.  Progressive Revenue. Model UN. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The Confederate States of America. Circular Economies. Eko. Television. Self Actualization. Mental Health. Organic 3D Printing. Nostalgia. Basic Income. Ransomware. Amazon Ring. AR. Astrology. Mass Extinction. Luxury Space Communism. Polyamory. Mycology.

Self Sufficiency2 Factor Authentication. The ‘Sharing’ Economy. Hope as a discipline.